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Low Voltage Installer

Norcross, Georgia 30071 | Direct Hire

Job ID: 39275 Job Category: Engineering - Technician Pay Rate: 38000

Low Voltage Installer

Norcross, GA


Position   Description:

The Low Voltage   Installer   is responsible   for on-site   installations   and repairs of various   low voltage systems, with   specialization   in fire alarm systems. Selected candidate   will be responsible for the physical installation    of all low voltage system components  (such as supports,   wiring,   devices, control   panels, etc.), and for assisting with   testing   and/or   commissioning   inspections   upon completion    of the installation.    The Low Voltage   Installer will   also be responsible   for maintaining   accurate   as built   drawings   and ensuring all work   complies  with   approved   drawings,   applicable   NFPA and local AHJ requirements,    quality standards,   and manufacturer    instructions.   Additional    responsibilities    include   on site emergency   and scheduled   service repairs, inspections,   sales surveys, installations,   and other   responsibilities   as required by management.


This position offers you 30, 000 to 38, 000 and full benefits.

  • >   2 years of low voltage   and/or   electrical   installation    experience   is preferred.   Alternate  experience and/or electrical   aptitude   will be considered.
  • Must   have the   ability to properly   use basic hand tools required   for electrical   installations.   This includes and is not limited   to: tape   measures, wire  cutters,   wire strippers,   pliers, screwdrivers,   hammers, wrenches,   glow  rods, fish tapes, saws, drills, multi-meters,  and toners.
  •   Must   provide   basic hand tools   with   the exception   of powered   hand and specialty tools.
  •   Must have the ability to   interpret   design drawings   and install low voltage  systems under the   leadership   of Lead Low Voltage   Installers or Installation   Manager.
  • Must have the ability to install   low voltage  wiring,   back boxes, bushings, wiring   supports,   fire caulk, control   panel back boxes, and peripheral   devices in accordance with   design drawings   and/or   installation manuals and instructions.
  • Must   have the ability   to safely and frequently    stand, squat, lift,   kneel, climb ladders, operate   lifts,   and work   above ceilings or overhead   in conditioned    and unconditioned    environments.    Must   be able to safely lift 40 pounds.
  • Must   have the   ability   to follow   directions   and complete   assigned tasks safely, neatly,   reliably,   and with efficiency.
  • Must   demonstrate   the ability   to learn, retain,   and apply skills learned on the job   and in formal   training seminars.
  • Ability   to work   varying shifts.   Most work is performed    between   7: 00 AM and 5: 00 PM, and some shift work,   early or late work,   overtime,   and weekend   work   may be required.   Occasional out of town work   may be required.
  • Must be punctual   and available to work as scheduled.
  • Must   provide   reliable transportation     of self and equipment   (6' to 8' ladders, hand tools,   wire, and parts)to and from   job  locations such as construction   sites and finished   buildings.   Most jobs are one location   per day, and job  requirements    may occasionally   require   multiple   locations   within   the same work   day. A basic vehicle   allowance   will   be provided,   in accordance with   company   policy.

Preferred Experience:
  • National   Institute   for Certifications    in Engineering Technologies  (NICET), Fire Protection   Engineering
  • Technology,   Fire Alarm Systems Levell   or higher certification    is a plus.
  • Conduit   installation    experience,   to include stub ups, back boxes, and bends such as offsets   and saddles is preferred.
  • Installation   experience   with   Hochiki,   Firelite, Silent Knight, Honeywell   and other systems is preferred


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